— Shipping :D —


It’s been a while since I’ve done any and I’m really bored so if you want one

What you have to do

  • reblog this post (likes don’t pay the bills)
  • ship me (about me) (face) & why
  • or ask me a question

What you get

  • ship & why
  • picture of person I ship you with
  • a random song from my itunes

no notes and this didn’t happen

16 Jul 29th


@Luke5SOS: boobs though

242 Jul 29th



2604 Jul 28th

5 Seconds of Summer taking time to greet fans outside the Miami Arena - June 15, 2013

1661 Jul 28th


take a shot every time teen wolf fucks over derek hale

2060 Jul 28th

5 Seconds of Summer: Expert Selfie Takers

11063 Jul 28th

Calum and Ashton with Calum’s cousin during their stay for Christmas in Scotland

2017 Jul 28th


The only person I actually wanna date in Kim K: Hollywood is the blue-haired host/waiter guy in Miraggio Grande, but of course he’s not a dateable character :’(

42 Jul 28th

Luke Hemmings trying to be a Good Girl

9841 Jul 28th


*wears 5sos merch to school in 2013*

"who are they?"

"is that a band?"

"what does derping mean?"


*wears 5sos merch to school in 2014*

"oh my god i love them so much!"

"she looks so perfect is always stuck in my head"

"i like luke and the asian one"


6295 Jul 28th